Workskills on top again!!

Workskills on top

Workskills received the star ratings from the Department of Employment this week and are once again a 5 Star provider, which is the top ranking that can be achieved in the jobactive contract.

When Workskills CEO Pat Kluver released the information, every staff member was ecstatic. “This is truly a great result and one that gives us a huge amount of confidence, knowing we are helping so many people in our community to find and secure work” said Pat.

7 out of 8 Workskills sites achieved the top ranking with regards to performance, making Workskills the leading provider in Southern Tasmania.

The team at Workskills are committed to ensuring we keep working hard to maintain this performance and will continue building connections, creating opportunities and making meaningful employment achievable. Pat Kluver went on to highlight the importance of a team in achieving the results and finished up by saying, “No matter how good we feel with the results, the ones that are feeling really good and matter the most are the clients we have got into work and the lives we have changed”.