Workskills – Making a positive difference

One of our jobseekers who has been registered for 5 years, was recently participating in the Clarence City Council Work for the Dole activity, when the supervisor of that activity provided us with some excellent feedback highlighting his employability skills including reliability, positive attitude, showing initiative, working well with the team and displaying some good leadership qualities. As a direct result of this feedback, the jobseeker was referred to a local labour hire company by the Employer Services Team and has now commenced paid work.

He has been working in his new role for only 8 weeks and has already been identified by the employer for promotion and is being trained to supervise one of the production lines at Houston Farms. The jobseeker is earning good money and after 5 years of being under employed and working in casual roles, he is now in sustainable employment.

It is stories like these that show how we can make such a positive difference in the lives of our clients and make our job rewarding so it is a story that we are very proud to share.