Workskills job seeker secures employment through ACSA

Aged Care Employment

A Workskills job seeker recently secured paid employment in the aged services sector after completing a training program tailored to such opportunities. Specifically, the pre-employment program (endorsed by the peak industry body for aged services in Tasmania – ACSA) was designed to reflect the entry-level requirements for working in the hospitality areas of aged services – catering, cleaning, and laundry. Whilst a number of Workskills job seekers completed the recent training program and have ultimately secured employment, one in particular stands out as a “good news story”.

This job seeker was relatively new to Workskills when the opportunity to participate in the training program arose. His background was hospitality, having worked in a variety of roles over a number of years. Not necessarily being aware of the services that could be offered by Workskills, he openly admits that there was some trepidation in engaging with the jobactive service in general. The job seeker was immediately engaged by his Workskills office in a professional and productive manner, with the idea floated to him around the idea of considering training and prospective employment in the aged services sector. Through discussion and a general pre-screening, the job seeker was identified as a potentially suitable candidate for the training program and was referred to ACSA for a final confirmation.

Based on his transferable skills and competencies, the Workskills job seeker was accepted into the training program. Through the program’s duration, he was offered various levels of assistance to ensure that he was maximising the scope of opportunity available to him through its completion. With the benefit of being able to complete a work placement, the job seeker was able to demonstrate his suitability for employment in the aged service sector and, as a direct result, was very recently offered employment with a local facility.

At the beginning of the year, this Workskills job seeker could not have even contemplated working in the aged services sector. However, through the exposure and opportunity facilitated by both Workskills and ACSA’s pre-employment training program, he has secured sustainable employment in one of the fastest growing industries in Tasmania. Below, he is pictured (right) with Workskills’ Employer Services Manager, Matthew Dance (left), attending the recent Department of Employment/ACSA industry breakfast. Here, the job seeker was able to share his story and really highlight the support offered to him by Workskills pre and post-employment. Another example of ‘making meaningful employment achievable’!