Work for the Dole directly links to employment

Work for the dole success

A local community transport provider approached Workskills wishing to be involved in the Work for the Dole programme to provide an administrative learning environment for an interested job seeker.  

Workskills sought to find a suitable referral to the activity and commenced Lisa in the Work for the Dole activity.  Lisa was relatively reserved at the start of her placement, and like most job seekers, would have preferred to have been doing paid work than Work for the Dole.

Lisa’s efforts to both learn the administrative tasks she was shown and blend with the existing team meant that when the business expanded, she was considered for an available paid position and was successful in gaining paid employment with the organisation who had kindly hosted her Work for the Dole activity.

This has been another instance of a Work for the Dole activity directly linking to employment for a Workskills’ job seeker.

In a recent visit to the workplace by Workskills’ staff, the employer stated that “Lisa has exceeded my expectations”.  Lisa herself was very proud to add “I’m not on Centrelink anymore”.

A win-win-win for the job seeker, the Host and for Workskills, stemming from a Work for the Dole opportunity.