Vocational training success

Vocational Training

Our Rosny team has recently been working with a client seeking to return to the workforce after a significant period being the principle carer for her children.

After such a period outside of the workforce, our client was understandably anxious regarding the likelihood of gaining employment, while not realising that she had developed a range of highly valuable skills as a mother. It was clear to the team that she had amazing potential and would greatly benefit from vocational training to complement the valuable skills she already possessed.

The team worked with her to find a course that met her personal interests while also presenting opportunities for sustainable and meaningful employment into the future, settling on a Cert III Individual Support Course.

Our client was able to successfully complete this course and along the way greatly increasing her resilience, confidence and positivity. Once the Cert III was completed our Job Search Consultant and Employer Services Officer were able to develop a plan to market the valuable skills she could offer a prospective employer.

Through this approach we successfully secured an opportunity as a Support Worker and she commenced employment in early 2020.

We are so pleased that we were able to achieve such a great outcome for our client, who throughout this journey demonstrated outstanding motivation and resilience to re-enter the workforce. Since beginning work she has gone from strength to strength and the team were so pleased to recently hear from her “Thank you so much for all your help… I am loving my job”, and it is these achievements that make us truly proud of what all of our jobseekers are able to achieve.