Unique Path to Employment

Retail Position

A Workskills job seeker recently secured an ongoing paid employment opportunity with a well-known local retail outlet. Whilst this is not necessarily something out of the ordinary, their path towards obtaining this position was certainly quite unique.

The Workskills job seeker in question, Tim*, had an employment history that revolved around disability services. This included qualifications in this space, along with a depth of experience that would suggest he shouldn’t have great difficulty in securing sustainable employment. However, Tim was indeed finding it difficult and had grown somewhat tired of the industry. As such, he had begun starting to consider other employment options outside of what he had been doing for the past 10-15 years.

Up until March 2017, Tim had found the transition into a new area of employment rather frustrating. He was out of employment for a period greater that six months.  Through engagement with the Workskills Employer Services team, an opportunity arose for Tim to attend an information session for an upcoming pre-employment training program facilitated by the Australian Retailers Association (ARA). Whilst recognising that Tim did not have specific experience in the area of retail, it was identified through his attendance and engagement in the information session that he may actually have the personal attributes to be deemed potentially suitable.

As a result of this engagement through the pre-screening process, Tim was successful in securing a position in the ARA training program. This specific program was tailored towards potential paid employment opportunities with some prominent local businesses – including Tim’s prospective employer. Throughout the training program, Tim was an excellent student and it became apparent to all stakeholders that he was ‘job ready’ and really suited to working in the retail sector. As it turned out, many of the excellent personal attributes that Tim possessed in his previous profession were very transferable to the retail space. Based on successfully completing a work placement through the training program, Tim was offered a paid employment position.

Tim’s success is testament to his ability to identify a need for change and acting on it. For Workskills, this is a fantastic result indicative of strong working relationships, engaging suitable and motivated job seekers into relevant training opportunities and making meaningful employment achievable.

*Tim – not his real name.