Training success in the Community Services sector

Aged Care Job Placement

A job seeker connected with the Workskills Glenorchy office recently obtained employment at a local aged care facility.  The success of this particular job seeker lies not only in the fact that they secured ongoing work, but in the pathway they took to reach their goal.

At the beginning of 2016, Anne* commenced a Certificate I Employment Pathways course tailored to the Community Services sector.  With no related experience in the industry prior to starting this course, Anne’s engagement in the training was more out of self-interest. The Workskills Employer Services team worked closely with this particular training provider in relation to sourcing referrals and promoting such courses, and the feedback we received regarding Anne was extremely positive.

With the training complete, Anne was armed with an idea of the kind of work she would like to secure in the aged services sector. In conjunction with her Intensive Support Consultant, Anne began applying for domestic-oriented roles in aged care (i.e. catering, cleaning and laundry work).  Whilst Anne continued to apply for such work, another training opportunity became available that fell in line with the employment that Anne was looking for.  The Employer Services team worked exclusively with this training provider to establish a pre-employment program specific to aged support services roles – as this linked in with industry information around the need for suitable staff in these areas.

Anne was initially a little hesitant in completing another course. However, with support from her consultant and the Employer Services team she commenced the training. The Employer Services team once again received glowing feedback regarding Anne’s enthusiasm and engagement in completing the training. Using this information, the Employer Services team approached a local aged care facility to speak about the suitability of Anne for an employment opportunity. While not having specific paid experience in the sector, the facility was very interested in meeting with Anne based on her positive personal credentials and the recommendation from the Employer Services team.

A job interview followed and the feedback regarding Anne’s suitability was reciprocated by the aged care facility. After completing some follow-up assessment, an offer of employment was delivered to Anne.  To say that Anne was overwhelmed would be a complete understatement.  She was extremely grateful for the support provided by all Workskills staff she had dealt with over the years, in particular her Intensive Support Consultant and the Employer Services team.

Anne’s story is a fantastic example of the purpose that drives Workskills as an organisation: “Building connections, creating opportunities and making meaningful employment achievable.”

Good luck, Anne!

*Not the job seeker’s real name.