Training is the Key

The New Norfolk site has been busy in and around training programmes of recent months.

Training not only formulates an integral part of becoming job ready but in a lot of instances is a mandatory requirement. In partnership with local Registered Training Organisations and our dedicated Employment Service Team we have managed not only to place clients into training but create meaningful employment opportunities.

Below are a few examples of some of our success stories:

  • Housekeeping – 2 clients with a 100% success rate securing employment
  • Retail – 3 clients working with Myer with a 100% success rate securing employment
  • Hospitality – 1 client with a 100% success rate securing employment
  • Aged Care – 21 clients just entering a Cert III with a 4 week work placement.
  • Community Services – 1 Client

The message is quite simple, have a look at your desired career path and ask yourself the following question

  • Do I have the required qualification/s

If the answer is no then talk to us here at Workskills and we will, where possible, not only try and identify appropriate training, if accepted into training, we will provide support before/during and after and you too could be one of the above undertaking meaningful employment.