Aged & Community Services Tasmania

Through our Innovation Network, and associated activities, Workskills is a significant contributor and supporter to the Aged Services Sector and Aged and Community Services Tasmania (ACST). As the peak organisation for providers of Aged Services in Tasmania ACST recognises the significant benefits that can be gained from our Sector establishing and maintaining an effective working relationship with the providers of Employment Services. Our relationship with Workskills is based on a mutual understanding of the importance in working together to meet the regional workforce attraction and recruitment demand for the Aged Services Sector in Tasmania.

Workskills has been proactive in forging key industry relationships with our Sector and has been a reliable resource for providing information about the employment services environment. Through this engagement Workskills has demonstrated a clear understanding of the requirements associated with working in our sector. Workskills are a valued member of the Aged Services Sector Innovation Network and are willing participants, and contributors, to numerous Innovation Network Projects. We look forward to continuing to work together with Workskills in their ‘new world’ role as a Jobactive Provider.

Lee Veitch
Manager, Workforce & Innovation, Aged & Community Services Tasmania

Lady Gowrie

Workskills and Lady Gowrie Tasmania have an excellent relationship that extends through our recruitment processes and training organisation. They know what our requirements are and quickly respond to any recruitment needs we have. The calibre of candidates we receive from Workskills are pre-screened and of a high quality. There have been a number of Workskills job seekers placed across Lady Gowrie centres in a variety of roles through our long and productive working relationship.  As such, we will continue to utilise the at no cost recruitment services of Workskills and would recommend them to any other organisation looking for staff.

Kathy Cripps
Lady Gowrie Tasmania - General Manager, Children's Services South

AusLabour and Recruitment

Aus Labour and Recruitment are a Tasmanian-based organisation who provide temporary and permanent staffing solutions.  We have developed a strong, professional working relationship with Workskills over an extended period of time that is based on a common understanding and pride in delivering a quality product.  Workskills have assisted us with providing suitable job seekers for a variety of immediate and long-term requirements.  Workskills knows what we want and the standard we set when it comes to the type of job seeker we present to our clients.  Workskills have also been able to assist in ensuring that job seekers are prepared to commence in our roles with the appropriate uniform, qualifications and training – along with offering ongoing mentoring and support to their clients who start work through Aus Labour and Recruitment.

Scott Abbott
Aus Labour and Recruitment – Key Account Manager

Mission Australia

Mission Australia and Workskills area of operation cover the same geographical regions. We attend many of the same forums, information sessions and conferences and as such have become close working partners, often being involved with the same community and school-based initiatives in the area.

We’ve collaborated in many of these kinds of partnerships across southern Tasmania. With a shared community focus we’re keen to continue this fruitful collaboration into the future. We highly value and actively seek the perspective and contribution Workskills brings to these community activities and to the work we do at Mission Australia.

Matt Durose 
CS Operations Manager, Mission Australia


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