Take control of your Volunteering/Work for the Dole Placement to make it meaningful


Aaron is a job seeker who wanted to work, and took the initiative to find himself voluntary work which suited the work he wanted, in a location convenient for him.

He approached the Risdon Vale Neighbourhood Centre prior to entering his first ‘Work for the Dole Phase’ and began volunteering well above anything he was ‘required’ to do.  Aaron volunteered from approx. 7:30am – 3:30pm 5 days a week and enjoyed both the work he was doing, and the people he was meeting during the course of the volunteering.  When Aaron entered the Work the Dole Phase, Workskills were able to formalise his volunteering with a Work for the Dole Activity Agreement with Risdon Vale Neighbourhood Centre, who agreed to also host other volunteers.  Once Aaron’s Work for the Dole Phase was finished, he continued on volunteering though he had no ‘requirement’ as he could see the benefit of demonstrating his skills to a potential employer and enjoyed participating.  Aaron entered another Work for the Dole Phase and was again able to meet his requirement with Risdon Vale Neighbourhood Centre, though now, Aaron had demonstrated his commitment, dedication and ability to work, together with his ability to get on with the rest of the team, and the neighbourhood centre sought funding to be able to employ Aaron on a part-time basis.

Aaron is very pleased to have gained employment from his volunteering, and his advice to other job seekers is to choose the line of work you want, and find somewhere suitable to volunteer so you can show you are respectable, you gain respect, you demonstrate you can do the job and get along with people and if an employment opportunity arises, you will be in with a good chance.  Alternatively, that employer might refer you to their business friends who may be looking to hire someone, so again, your chances of gaining employment are increased.

Well done Aaron, your initiative and dedication are a credit to you, and Workskills are very pleased to have been able to support you and the Risdon Vale Neighbourhood House to achieve paid employment for you!