Supporting parents to plan and prepare for their future

Supporting parents

Did you know that Workskills supports parents to plan and prepare for their future through the Parents Next Initiative. We provide support to eligible parents with children under six years of age through mentoring and study assistance to achieve their work goals for the future.

We were recently able to assist Belinda in gaining stable housing for herself and her daughter. During this time, she has obtained her learner drivers license and been connected with community driving lessons through the Top Gear Driving Program.

“Everything has kind of snowballed since gaining my L’s and it’s so exciting.”

In addition, Belinda is also working towards qualifications that will help her achieve her chosen career.

Top Gear Driving Program provides learner drivers in the Bridgewater/Brighton area who are unable to meet the necessary hours for their provisional license access to a vehicle and helpful mentors. Their Facebook page can be found at

supporting parents