Right Person, Right Job, Right Fit

office work

Steve* had been out of the active workforce for approximately 8 years. In recent times, he had engaged in voluntary work with a local non-for-profit organisation. Tasks included providing customer service and undertaking basic administrative duties.  Through this activity, Steve began to actively engage to ensure that his responsibilities remained adhered to. A paid employment opportunity then became available, which was being managed by the Workskills’ Employer Services team.

Based on the positive feedback that the team had received in relation to Steve’s voluntary work (ie. reliable, punctual, excellent attitude, willingness to learn and follow instruction), along with the similarities in duties/requirements, his details were glowingly referred to the prospective employer. 

The result of this referral was that Steve secured the permanent and ongoing role

To this day, Steve remains gainfully employed and very glowing of his experiences undertaking voluntary work that linked closely with his employability skills and career objectives. A perfect example of ‘Right Person, Right Job, Right Fit’.

(*Steve is not his actual name).