Pilot program to help long-term unemployed

Intensive Assistance

In March this year, Workskills started an Intensive Assistance pilot to determine whether working with a smaller case load of job seekers, allowing us to provide more individualised help and support, would ultimately lead to more job placements.

This pilot is targeted towards helping the long-term unemployed who we identified as most likely to benefit from a more personalised approach.

We currently have one dedicated Intensive Assistance Consultant working in our Glenorchy office and so far have been really pleased with the results. From March to September there has been:

  • 25 employment placements confirmed
  • 21 x 4 week outcomes
  • 10 x 12 week outcomes
  • 3 x 26 week outcomes

Early evidence suggests the Intensive Assistance Consultant is delivering more outcomes per month for this cohort compared to average outcomes per consultant across our organisation working with the same cohort.

The pilot is set to finish in December 2016.