Personal development program helps John gain employment

Personal development program

The team at Workskills have had a great few months assisting job seekers in finding employment. The Bridgewater team recently had the opportunity to work with John*, a job seeker in the 45 plus cohort who had significant physical and mental health barriers which contributed to difficulty in gaining employment over the past ten years.

Unfortunately, due to these circumstances John felt as though he would never gain employment, resulting in feelings of disengagement and low motivation. The Bridgewater team were able to assist John through the development of a plan to identify his strengths and scheduling him to participate in Esher House, a personal development program delivered by Workskills, to improve his skills, knowledge and attitudes to support successfully gaining employment.

We saw great results! With the skills learned from Esher House combined with increased motivation John was able to actively engage in looking for employment opportunities. Pleasingly, through the great networks with local employers Workskills Employer Services Officers maintain we were able to find an opportunity for John to gain employment, which he has now maintained for over four weeks.

This is just one example that demonstrates the power of a motivated and prepared job seeker working proactively with our team to generate a fantastic result that we can all be very proud of.

* John is not the job seekers real name.