Since 1998, Workskills has grown from an organisation of 11 staff to one that employs 60 people with a wide range of expertise and from a wide range of backgrounds.


Pat Kluver

Pat Kluver

Kristy Holbrook

Kristy Holbrook


Site Teams

Site Teams provide individualised employment services to people looking for work, assisting them to identify goals and options, access suitable training, learn job search skills, prepare for work and find and maintain sustainable employment.

Employer Services Officers

Employer Services Officers work across all of our jobactive sites. They engage with local employers in these designated areas to find employment opportunities for Workskills clients. This involves ongoing relationship building with potential employers and an in-depth knowledge of client needs and capabilities to ensure the best fit and outcomes for all concerned.

Corporate Team

Corporate Team provides business development and marketing, administration, quality control, financial and I.T. support to all teams.

Impact Communities

Impact Communities is the community branch of Workskills. Impact Communities works with community organisations, groups, individuals and families so they are equipped and supported to realise their potential and achieve their goals. Impact Communities’ aim is to address unmet needs in innovative ways with new programs and initiatives.