What Workskills can offer for your recruitment needs

Job seekers don’t fit one category alone.  We’ve all been a ‘Job seeker’ at some stage in our lives and it’s important to understand who they are, why they’re in that situation, where they come from, what their skills are and what they can offer when they gain employment.

Workskills truly believes there’s a job out there for everyone.  This means finding meaningful employment that balances people’s needs, lifestyle and individual circumstances against the requirements of any position on offer.  Finding that right mix is the key to sustaining productive and satisfying work to meet the needs of both employer and employee.

Where do these job seekers come from and who are they?

So who are Workskills clients?  Where do they come from and why are they here? Listed below are just some of the categories that potentially cover Workskills registered Job Seekers

  • Return-to-work mums, keen to learn and take up new challenges
  • Single parents who’s circumstances mean they need flexibility and a reliable income
  • Redundant workers with valuable skills and experience
  • Workers displaced due to economic circumstances
  • Part time workers who don’t quite achieve enough work hours or earnings to be completely free of Centrelink but are keen to increase their hours
  • Early school leavers keen to establish a career path
  • University students who may have completed their education but now lack work experience
  • Very long term unemployed who, assisted through mentoring and support from Case Managers, are now ready to join the work force
  • People with partial capacity to work who could possibly fill a niche through flexible work hours
  • People who have overcome barriers, personal circumstances or injury to be ready to re-join the workforce
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse job seekers from a variety of ethnic backgrounds
  • Indigenous Australians who could be finding obtaining work difficult
  • Mature aged job seekers who may be looking for new challenges
  • People on a Disability Support Pension who are willing and able to contribute to the workforce

Workskills specialise in making these connections by getting to know both prospective employees and employers, their capacity and their expectations to achieve successful and sustainable employment outcomes.  We want to see a win-win for all concerned.  So with Workskills acting as the intermediary in all aspects of the placement process we aim to take the worry away from you and provide seamless results.

What kinds of skills do our job seekers possess?

There can be a misconception that some people seeking work via jobactive providers may not have the skills necessary to work in your business. However, we have Job Seekers from a range of backgrounds, with a diverse range of skills who are motivated and ready to work.

If we don’t have what you need, we may be able to train someone to match your specific business needs.

Although the skills, experience and qualifications of our Job Seekers will vary, here are some examples of the qualifications and skills of some of the people seeking work:

  • Cleaners
  • Teachers/ teacher’s aides
  • Arts/ theatre
  • Library attendants (incl. information management)
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Welders
  • Project managers
  • Music teachers
  • Labourers
  • Child/ aged care
  • Retail
  • Kitchen hands
  • Cooks/ chefs
  • Administration
  • Gardening services
  • Call Centre operators
  • Automotive services
  • Transport workers, including truck drivers
  • Community services
  • Maintenance workers
  • Security …and many more.


 No matter what your requirements, we are confident Workskills will have someone available to meet your needs. Save your valuable advertising dollars and recruitment time. 

Talk to Workskills first.