Opportunities created at Work for the Dole

Work for the Dole

Matthew, a Workskills Jobseeker, has been attending Workskills “Work for the Dole” (WfD) Activity “Creating & Learning Skills Activity with Railtrack Riders” in Maydena.

Prior to this activity, Matthew had no experience in welding, but after receiving some instructions from the WfD Supervisor Geoff, Matthew has shown great potential.

Matthew has now designed and created several rail track ornaments from scrap metal. Geoff has been really impressed with Matthew’s new skills he has gained since attending his WfD activity at Railtrack Riders, and said he would employ Matthew if he had the capacity to do so.

With Matthew’s new found skills, he is now keen to pursue a career in metal fabrication/welding with the possibility of gaining a mature aged apprenticeship.

Matthew has been employed with Fence Makers Tasmania since the 14th of April.  Matthew is no longer reliant on  Centrelink benefits, and is working full time hours.