how to dress at an interview

How you dress for an interview is important. We can help.

Many people think that what they wear or how they appear at an interview doesn’t or shouldn’t matter. It definitely does – sometimes as much as what you say! Even if you are being interviewed over Skype, Zoom or Facetime, you should still dress as though you are going to be attending a job interview.…

Are you an older jobseeker?

Are you an older job seeker?

Work45+ is a one-stop information hub with tips for you from job seekers aged over 45 and employers who appreciate your strengths. Know your value Research shows older workers are: productive loyal safety conscious. Know your rights Age discrimination is unlawful: Employers must not discriminate against a job seeker because of their age. You don’t…

Responding to job ads by phone – a preparation checklist

Responding to job ads by phone – a preparation checklist

A few days ago, we shared information about Networking as part of Step 3 in our four steps to getting a job post-COVID-19. Another part of ‘Step 3 – Finding a Job’ is about responding to job ads by phone. Many people are unprepared to do this. Being unprepared can add to your anxiety, and…

STAR Selection Criteria

Use the STAR method to write to selection criteria

Selection criteria can be tricky. Following the S.T.A.R. method can help. For more information check out our TIP Sheets.  

Has your employment been affected by COVID-19?

Has your employment been affected by COVID-19? You are not alone

Have you seen our series of tips to help you find work during and after COVID-19? Our team has worked hard to create a really helpful package of information to support you during this tough time. If you haven’t already, visit and check out the Tip Sheets and videos. We cover topics like: Resumes…

How to utilise references to your advantage

How to utilise references to your advantage

References are important for the employer to check that what you are claiming is true, but also to find out more about what you are like to work with. Choose your referees carefully, because they can be the last step between you and the job you want. It should be someone who you worked for,…


Finding Work – The Hidden Job Market

In Tasmania many people are hired through ‘the hidden job market’. This means that most jobs aren’t advertised, but are filled by word of mouth or personal recommendation. As the saying goes, it’s all about who you know. During social distancing it’s hard to network. Some things you can do from home are: Let people…

How to write a winning cover letter

How to create a winning cover letter

A cover letter is one of the first opportunities an employer will have to make a judgement about whether you are the right person for their vacancy and their organisation. First impressions are important, so it’s essential that you get your cover letter right. Here are some Dos and Don’ts when you are putting together…

Update your resume

Update Your Resume

Have you lost work due to COVID-19? Last week, we took you through Step 1 towards finding work – Register as a jobseeker. Today is Step2: Update your resume. Your resume is a very important document. Employers will almost always ask to see your resume. A resume is a short document that summarises your working…

Register as a jobseeker

Register as a jobseeker

Have you lost work due to COVID-19? Step 1 to getting through this is to register as a jobseeker. The Australian government has set up several support packages to help but in order to access them and register as a jobseeker, you will need a myGov account. There is a handy step-by-step guide and video…

100% Tasmanian

Did you know that Workskills is 100% Tasmanian?

In times like these, our local community becomes really important. Did you know that Workskills is 100% Tasmanian, and we have been helping the local community find work for over 37 years? Here are some other things you might not know about us: We have 8 sites in Southern Tasmania. Because we are part of…

Have you been impacted by COVID-19?

Has your employment been affected by COVID19?

Workskills is here to help. Check out this video for three key things you can do to help your chances for employment after COVID-19. Visit our COVID19 Resources page for more information.