Mateship – what is it worth?


Employer engagement

The New Norfolk office has been fortunate in recent times to have pleasure of working with the newly appointed Derwent Valley Employment Relations Coordinator Elisse. Elisse has been employed by TCCI to assist local employers overcome challenges when hiring new staff. What this will do for Workskills New Norfolk? Elisse will work closely with our current Employment Service Officers and visit as many employers as physically possible over the coming months. What does this mean for you the jobseeker? By having a better understanding of the employers expectations, skill sets required will enable us here at Workskills to structure individual plans / careers paths that will meet specific employer needs and then transferring them into employment as these relationships are built.

Word of Mouth / Mateship – what is it worth??

One should never underestimate the power of mateship and the good old word of mouth. Just recently a stream C client heard about a possible position with a local company, walked in off the street and secured employment (so you may ask). The job seeker then mentioned to a mate they may have another opportunity opening up so he also walked in off the street and was successful in gaining employment. Workskills are always happy too and will assist where eligibility allows to support clients who find their own employment. There is a simple message, if you manage to gain employment and are registered with Workskills please let us know as we are here to help and remember the only question that cannot be answered is the one that is not asked.

Job Bus

Just a friendly reminder if you do not have transport and believe gaining employment is not achievable then think again. Workskills, in partnership with the Community Transport, may possibly engage a bus that can assist you getting to and from work, so again please do not be afraid to ask the question around the jobs bus availability.