Making meaningful employment achievable – Workskills Recruitment Centre

meaningful employment

A jobseeker has been successful in gaining ongoing employment as an After School Carer with a well-respected Childcare organisation following her engagement with Workskills’ Recruitment Centre in Molle St, Hobart.

The job seeker had been out of the workforce for the past 8 years due to parenting.

Whilst completing her Certificate III in Education Support, the jobseeker had volunteered in schools to gain experience but had struggled to get interviews for the jobs she was applying for.

Initially referred to an Employer Services Officer to gain assistance with her resume, the jobseeker was engaged in Workskills’ Intensive Assistance Program; from which she received practical training and assistance to improve her job search approach and align it with Employer expectations.

Following her first Intensive Assistance appointment the jobseeker was referred to Workskills’ subsidiary Impact Communities to do paid volunteer work during their Baby Fast Program, which she has now been doing for the past 8 weeks.

The jobseeker was then successfully referred to the ongoing Childcare role by another member of the Employer Services Team.

The involvement of multiple Workskills and Impact Communities staff in the jobseeker’s success is a perfect example of the collaborative approach to making meaningful employment achievable” that is being accomplished in the Workskills Recruitment Centre.

The single parent now has a newfound confidence and has been able to teach her own child the importance of working.