Introducing the Realise Program

Realise Program

The realise program is a course that focusses on employability skills. It is a series of short workshops (maximum 3 hours) held over a period of 2 -3 days.

What you will get out of this course:

  • A¬†portfolio with all your skills detailed
  • Ideas on how to improve your employability

You will be able to:

  • Understand what skills employers say they want
  • Match your skills to those the industry needs
  • Have a plan to improve your skills
  • Understand what would be expected in an aptitude selection test
  • Work out solutions to common barriers to employment

This will help you get work by:

  • Assisting you to write a more relevant resume
  • Giving you examples to help you answer interview questions
  • Getting tailored assistance from Workskills Job Search Consultants
  • Being prepared for aptitude tests

Speak with your Job Search Consultant today for course dates!