Internal Mentoring Program


In July of 2016, Workskills launched the internal Mentoring Program with reserved interest from staff.

We had three mentoring ‘couples’ who were able to share skills and knowledge and gain the benefits of working with some of our more senior and experienced staff.  On the completion of the program the support for the program was very encouraging with all participants reporting a positive experience and felt that they had all got a great deal out of the experience.  

Although often time poor, our Mentors and Mentees were able to find time to meet and discuss their work, their roles and fine tune some of their skills. We have staff from all levels and areas of the business joining forces to help and support each other.

The Mentoring Program is part of the overall leadership and development of staff and has reached a new level of interest this financial year with six ‘couples’ working together to help achieve both individual and professional goals and to ensure Workskills is future proofing it’s most important asset – our people.