Man finds work after 20 years unemployed!!


Glenorchy Workskills office is currently working with a 43 year old man who has been registered on Centrelink payments for an incredible 1036 weeks (just under 20 years!).

He has a history of drug and alcohol abuse, including a history of driving and drug charges. He has generally exhibited a low level of presentation and motivation skills and Workskills has struggled to engage him for some time.

We are really pleased to report that with encouragement and support, he agreed to counselling for his drug and alcohol abuse. Workskills Glenorchy currently runs a pilot program for long term unemployed clients for intensive case management.

He was referred to this support program to move forward with his barriers with a strong focus on employment and training. He has since been put through several courses and assisted with personal protective equipment and he has gained employment as a Labourer which he has now maintained for 6 weeks.

We are also thrilled to report that his motivation, attitude and presentation have all improved and he has regular contact with his Case Manager for ongoing support.