Indigenous Employment Mentors

Workskills welcomes the opportunity to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers in a culturally aware and sensitive manner, to overcome their barriers to gaining employment and support them closely to maintain sustainable employment.

We have two Indigenous Employment Mentors employed to provide additional service and support to our clients (job seekers and employers).

Following a recent training session run by our Mentors, we received the following feedback from our participants on the benefits of the training:

  • “You’ll walk out differently to how you walked in”
  • “The value in identifying your strengths then matching those to particular industries and jobs that you may not have thought of”
  • “Whether you have an idea or direction (for work) or not, there’s still value because you’ll find direction if you have none, or will have your direction reinforced and broken down into achievable steps if you do”

Ask your consultant today what additional services and support we may be able to provide.