How to address selection criteria when applying for a job


Addressing Selection criteria can be tricky.

You can use this checklist we have developed to review your document.

  • Do I really understand what the employer is asking me?
  • Are my answers clear and easy to understand?
  • Did I get to the point quickly, instead of waffling or using too many words?
  • Have I used strong action/doing words?
  • Have I shown an outcome for each of my examples?
  • Is everything true and accurate? Would my referees agree with what I have said?
  • Have I covered every part of each criterion?
  • Has someone else proofread my application?
  • Does my application meet the style guidelines in the Workskills Responding to Selection Criteria Tip Sheet?
  • Have I included a tailored resume and cover letter?
  • Have I read all of Workskills’ Tip Sheets to help me put together the best application I can?

Once you can check everything off, you should feel confident to submit your application following the directions given by the employer.

For more details and helpful information see our Responding to Selection Criteria Tip Sheet.