Have you been displaced by COVID19?

Assisting Southern Tasmanians to gain sustainable and meaningful employment

Workskills is a leading not-for-profit community based employment services provider based in Southern Tasmania. We are your truly local jobactive services provider operating over 8 sites in Southern Tasmania. For 37 years we have offered support, employment and training solutions to jobseekers, employers, industry and the community in Southern Tasmania.

We assist job seekers to find meaningful and sustainable employment.

We work with employers to find suitable candidates for vacancies that may arise within their businesses.
We also work with a number of charity and community organisations to assist our job seekers in their search to find work and acquire skills and knowledge to improve their employment prospects.

Our teams specialise in working with local businesses and over our 37 years we have developed strong links to assist Tasmanians reach their full employment potential.

Under the current circumstances we are offering this information to all people that make contact with us. Once you are connected to Centrelink and choose Workskills as your provider we will be able to continue providing you all the help we can. We have over 60 experienced staff all committed to provide you with the help you need to find and keep a job.

We have provided some information to get you started on your next steps including some important links to websites that will help you along the way. You are more than welcome to give us a shout and we can help you as you progress.

Tel: (03) 6262 5400
Email: Employment@workskills.org.au

What should you do now to be as ready as you can be?

We know that Centrelink are undertaking a phased approach and you may not be linked to a jobactive provider as yet, we also know that there are still some sectors in the market that are hiring. In this crazy situation, the following may provide some direction.

My Gov

Creating a myGov account is a secure way to access government online services. There are links below that explain what to do and where to go. It’s a good idea to do this early, we don’t know how long this will last and getting in early will see you being the best prepared. You may already have an account and if so you can link other services to that account.

Your resume

Great news here, the resume of old is no more. Most positions require a resume with good succinct information. Gone are the days of putting personal information on your resume so it is relatively easy. Employers want to easily see what skills and experience you have and how they can relate that to their business.

Looking for work

With a great resume you are well prepared and confident to get out there and look for work. But, where do I go? In Tasmania the majority of jobs are done through the hidden job market i.e. who knows who, so work on your network, let as many people know that you are looking and the type of work you can do – now’s not the time to sit back. Remember all the ways you have helped people in the past, now is your time to call in favours. Register for Seek, CareerOne and all the online recruitment sites, go online and look at the government web pages for vacancies. Labour Hire can also be a good option. Believe it or not, facebook and Gumtree also have jobs advertised.

Utilise support

Workskills are here to help, so lean on us by maintaining contact and let us know how you are progressing. We can certainly assist where we can and even though face to face is restricted at the moment, maybe a quick call is all you need for some ongoing direction. We can link you with other organisations that may be able to offer assistance.

We understand that Centrelink are undertaking a phased approach and you may not yet be linked with a jobactive provider as yet. We do believe in being proactive and with the information we have already covered, here are some links that will guide you through getting as ready as you can be.

Under the current circumstances we are not able to see clients face to face, but we are really focused on trying to provide the best support over the phone and through emails as we can.

Here are some links you will find give you a great head start: