Justin Time!! Fantastic result for Bridgewater Job Seeker

Right Job, Right Person, Right fit

What a fantastic result this week for Bridgewater Job Seeker, Justin!

Justin has been a Workskills client for some time now and has always been a willing participant in any activity we’ve suggested to him. He participated in the Red Shed Labourers Skill Course, where he learnt a variety of construction/Labouring skills and successfully completed a number of essential qualifications, such as White Card, Traffic Management, Work safely at Heights and Confined Space Operations. He’s also been a regular member of our Mobile Team – a Work for The Dole activity that undertakes a range of building/construction/landscaping activities under the watchful eye of the legendary Geoff “Jacko” Jackson. Jacko always provides fantastic feedback on the participants and their areas of strength and has recommended Justin on a number of occasions. Justin has demonstrated all of the traits that employers look for – reliability, a willingness to work and to learn, the ability to follow instruction, to work in a team and to show initiative. And despite all of this, we haven’t been able to get Justin working – until now!

Late on Wednesday afternoon, our Employer Services Manager, Matt Dance, received a call from one of his regular employers – “can you find me someone reliable, quickly?” How quick? Tomorrow!

Justin was the first to come to mind – this was the opportunity we’ve been waiting for. We called him, he came into the office first thing Thursday morning, ready to go. Justin had no concerns about the job itself, but was worried about how he’d get there. There are no buses that could get him there on time and he’s still working towards his licence.

No problem! In the car, down to the Bike Shop in Moonah and purchased a push bike and helmet. Then across the road to see Pete and the crew at Wicked Workwear, who fitted Justin out with all the work wear he’d need. Then back in the car to have a quick drive-by of the job site, so that Justin knew where to go, then back to the Workskills Bridgewater office. Unload the bike and then he was off! That’s him in the photo – check out the clock, his interview was at 11 am! Phew! Justin thought he was just going to an interview, but the employer put him to work straight away. When Justin dropped back into the office at the end of the day to let us know how he went, he was tired, but over the moon.

A man of few words, when asked how he felt, he simply said “Bloody brilliant!”

A fantastic result all round – the employer needed the right person straight away, Justin needed the right opportunity and the team at Workskills were able to match the two needs.

Right Job, Right Person, Right Fit!

Well done Justin – this is the break you’ve been looking for. We’re behind you all the way mate!