Employment success at Glenorchy Office

employment success

Another employment success story at Glenorchy office – 28 year old female client from Indigenous background

She has been unemployed and connected with Workskills for 5 years. She has participated in a variety of in-house and external training courses as well as Work for the Dole activities. Most recently she completed Employability Skills Training (EST) under PaTH program, followed by a 3 week careers awareness program (externally hosted).

She has increased her motivation, presentation and become more aware of what Employers are looking for. Her current Work for the Dole activity recently advertised for a paid position. Feedback from the host advised she was an excellent worker and really improved in the role. She gained the confidence to apply for this and has since been successful and starting in the coming week. We assisted her with clothing and travel costs to support the early stages of employment. We will also be delivering close post placement support to assist her with this positive pathway and maintain her confidence in her new role.