Does Work for the Dole lead to jobs? YES!


Rosny job seeker Tegan had previously worked with Telcos and in retail, but didn’t enjoy it – her interest was in horticulture.  When she was approaching the Work for the Dole Phase she was asked which activity she would like to do and chose a horticultural activity working within the Clarence City Council municipality.

On this activity, Tegan was able to gain practical skills and realized she did enjoy this type of work.  She was also able to use her supervisor as a referee; someone to tell an employer about her skills, interest, commitment and reliability.

Tegan used her initiative to approach the Clarence City Council to ask for work, stating that she had all the PPE she needed and knew what the work involved as she was doing the Work for the Dole Activity in the area. 

The council agreed to interview her and Tegan was offered a part-time traineeship as a “Parks Ranger”, a title she loves.  Tegan has just been advised that her traineeship will become full-time from next year because she has proved to be a valuable employee.

When asked if she has any advice for job seekers coming into the Work for the Dole Phase, Tegan replied “Be Motivated”.  Tegan realizes that her own motivation and drive, together with Workskills’ support and the Work for the Dole activity have resulted in sustainable employment for her which she loves.  Go Tegan!