Davids Story

Davids Story

A life on the ocean wave! Sounds good doesn’t it?

A romantic notion for many but for David it was a life he’d taken on almost by accident at the tender age of 13. And in all the years since then he’d been happily working as a fisherman and deckhand out of the Hobart docks.

However when circumstances changed for David, his seafaring life would become a real blocker to finding work on dry land.

How so?

Well, since he’d started down that particular career path there was never a need for other qualifications, no need for interview skills, job searching or even resumes. David just turned up at the docks at the right time, asked for work and usually got it. Pretty simple really.

  • Focussing on the future
    Focussing on the future
    Time for a change

But the time finally came when he’d decided to put down some roots. He was in a long term relationship and there was now a baby on the way. Not a scenario he’d been used to but one he was now keen to embrace.

Having been out of work for around 9 months since leaving the fishing game, David was assisted by one of Workskills Employer Services Officers (ESO’s) into a ‘gap filling’ job to at least bring some steady income into the family. But David knew it wasn’t the job he wanted to stick with, and so did his ESO.

Skills make a difference

In an effort to bolster his employability stocks, and by working with his Workskills Employment Consultant, David joined the Workskills Red Shed Program in late 2012 and relished the opportunity to pick up some great new skills and some essential tickets and qualifications to help him on his way.

David acquired a ticket in Traffic Management which then led to employment with a well-known local contractor.

New beginnings

David started his new job in January 2013 and loves it. Since commencing he has taken on more responsibility and has become a valued and trusted employee, now with his own company vehicle.

He loves his new employer, has a great relationship with his boss and feels it’s a job he’ll be happy to do for many years to come. And he’s able to spend quality time with his family as well.

Well done David. With commitment and dedication, a genuine desire to get ahead and quite a bit of direct help and assistance from Workskills, you’ve become another great Workskills job seeker success story.