Damien trains for a life changing experience

NBN Installer

Damien was a chef. He has an extensive employment history in the industry working around Tasmania and mainland Australia.  After a number of years however, he decided that he needed to get out of the kitchen and try something new. He was interested in either labouring work or administrative work, he was willing to give anything a go!

Damien undertook some basic construction training and started applying for labouring positions but found it hard to break into a new industry. He undertook voluntary work to gain experience in an administrative position and had some terrific feedback from his supervisors, however, due to a resume highlighting a lack of experience outside of the kitchen, Damien has found it very difficult to secure an interview let alone a job.

He became despondent and withdrawn and was lacking direction and motivation.  He was desperate to start the next phase of his life and did not want to have to return to hospitality so he took an opportunity to retrain as an NBN worker. 

Damien has excelled in his training and has a new lease on life. He has learnt a variety of new skills and is confident that he has forged a pathway for his next career.  Damien is due to finish his course in the next month and jobs have already been sourced for him upon completing his course.

Well done Damien on your new career path!