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Helping you to find work during and after COVID-19

Note: If reading is hard for you, you can talk to us instead. Call 6262 5400

Right now, tens of thousands of Tasmanians like you are finding themselves without work, many due to the coronavirus COVID-19. Now and always, Workskills is here to help.

Who are we?

  • Workskills is 100% Tasmanian, and we have been helping the local community find work for over 37 years.
  • We have 8 sites in Southern Tasmania.
  • Because we are part of the community we have strong relationships with local employers and training organisations. This means we are experts at helping Tasmanians like you find and keep work.
  • We also run as a not-for-profit, which means that any profits we make we put back into the community in Southern Tasmania.

What can you do now?

By preparing now, you will have a head start on what will be a very competitive job market.

There are still job vacancies around right now, so once you are registered with Workskills, we may even find you work sooner. We help you to find work that is right for you, so you have the best chance of keeping your job long-term.

We know that Centrelink may not have asked you who you would like to be your service provider yet. It may take some time for them to get to you. While you are waiting there is a lot we can help you with, even before you register with Workskills.

So check out these steps and resources, give us a call if you need help. When Centrelink asks who you would like your jobactive provider to be, tell them you would like to go with your locally owned and operated provider - Workskills.

Steps to finding work

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age is no barrier to employment

More Information

Here are some useful resources if you need to know more:

Workskills Tip Sheets

Government Websites

Workskills contact details

Phone: 6262 5400