Can Work for the Dole create employment opportunities?  Absolutely!

Work for the Dole participants worked with local artists provided by Host Kickstart Arts late last year, to create a mural in the Market Place Carpark.  The mural was designed to educate drivers on the impact of their driving behaviour on road kill, particularly of our native Tassie Devils.

The project in itself was a resounding success, with participants reporting very positive personal development.

Further to this wonderful project was the mural’s inclusion in Dark MOFO 2017, becoming a highlight for visitors not only from Tasmania, but also the mainland and overseas.

And the best part…some Work for the Dole participants from the original activity were offered paid employment during the Dark MOFO festival.  Whilst not ongoing sustainable employment, still a wonderful opportunity for some extra cash in the pocket as well as employment experience within the tourism/arts industry, and all from a Work for the Dole project!