Bigger and Better in Sorell

Sorell Office

Workskills’ Sorell office has expanded, with bigger and better offices and an increase in our days of operation.

After more than two years on the road, our Sorell team has now got a place to call home – and we’re excited!

Located in the Sorell Community Health Centre, 57 Cole St, we’re now open Tuesday, along with our existing Wednesday and Thursday, and from October 16th, we’ll add Monday to the list as well, meaning we’ve now got more than twice the availability to service and assist our South Eastern clients.

We’ve got the place set up with all the same technology as our larger sites, so accessing available jobs or training opportunities is a breeze!

With the busy tourism season fast approaching, there’s a real buzz around the South East and some fantastic employment opportunities at the moment.

No matter what type of industry you’re looking to work in, if you’re keen to work, we’re keen to help!

And of course, if you’re an employer looking for the right person for your business, call in and have a chat to our team – we’ll ensure we live up to our motto:

“RIGHT Job, RIGHT Person, RIGHT Fit!”