Shy jobseeker secures Apprentice Fabricator role

Apprentice Fabricator

The Bridgewater team have recently been working with a young female job seeker who was initially quite shy and nervous regarding the employment or training pathways that were available to her.

The team saw a great opportunity to work with this jobseeker through another element of the Workskills Team, Impact Communities, who support individuals and families to realise their potential and achieve goals. One of Impact Communities’ programs is Troublesmiths, a local Tasmanian youth social enterprise specialising in personal growth and work experience.

The Troublesmiths team produce a range of products which they sell in their Murray Street shop and the program is open to 15-24 year olds who are at risk of long term unemployment. After some initial hesitance this young jobseeker commenced the Troublesmiths program, excelling in both front and back of house roles, which gave her a number of highly valuable and transferable skills while also gaining confidence in her own ability and potential.

After completing the Troublesmiths program, this jobseeker worked with the Bridgewater team to develop her career goal, which was to enter into a trade apprenticeship. She was then introduced to an Employment Services Officer (ESO) and began being mentored in ways to successfully approach an employer.

After some collaborative reverse marketing to prospective employers with an ESO and her Job Search Consultant, she was successful at securing a work trial with a fabrication business, which we are very pleased to announce has developed into her becoming an Apprentice Fabricator. This outcome is a credit to the jobseeker. Through clear goal setting and determination she has achieved the goals she set for herself and the Workskills team are very proud to have played a role in supporting this great outcome.

More information regarding Impact Communities and the Troublesmiths program can be found at the following links: