Apprentice Carpenter job secured after 3 years unemployment

Apprentice Carpenter job secured

A 21 year old youth at our Bridgewater Office has commenced work after approximately 3 years of unemployment.

When he first commenced with Workskills he had poor attendance, lack of motivation and attitude concerns. The Bridgewater Team have attempted to engage him with a variety of activity placements including:

  • Employability Skills Training
  • Vocational Pathways Course

He has also been connected with an in-house Indigenous Mentor.

During this time he slowly began to change his attitude towards employment and was booked in for weekly appointments and support with his Consultant.

He has now been employed as an Apprentice Carpenter via an Employment Service Officers vacancy and has been there for around a month. Reports from his employer are he is going extremely well and the Bridgewater Team will continue to support him in maintaining this employment for six months.