Another great success story from our Intensive Assistance Consultant


Our Intensive Assistance Consultant at our Glenorchy office has been working with a 53 year old man who has multiple drink driving charges including several periods of incarceration.

He has been on and off Centrelink payments for many years and hasn’t sustained ongoing employment as a result. He has had periods of unstable accommodation in between imprisonment as well as low motivation and negative prospects. He has little to no computer skills and therefore requires extra support with his resume, cover letter and interview techniques etc.

He was referred to us and completed a Builders Labourers Course (Red Shed) with Workskills and gained several tickets and valuable skills as well as work like experiences. He became a little more positive about his prospects and engaged with Workskills more. He began securing short stints of employment with Labour Hire and was later referred to our Intensive Assistance Consultant for additional support. After working and assisting him with job referrals and working closely with Employer Service Officers he gained employment as a Labourer where he is using a variety of these new skills and is really enjoying his job and has an excellent attitude and positive outlook on his future.

He has now got his licence back after not having it for years which is fantastic and can see the positive affect this has had on maintaining his employment.

Recent feedback from the Employer is he is doing great and they are very happy with him.

He is happy to remain in contact with his consultant should he require any further support to help maintain his employment.