Age is no barrier to employment

age is no barrier to employment

Perception that age is a barrier to employment

Whilst we all agree that it can be very difficult to find employment when considered a mature aged job seeker and over time we have a tendency to give up blaming our age as the main reason for finding substantial employment, truth is this is NOT SO?

More and more employers are looking for experienced, reliable operators to fulfil their requirements as the quicker employees become productive the quicker their full business potential can be realised. Below are a few examples of mature age job seekers who have recently gained employment by believing they still had something to offer re employment.

  • Leigh – Building Industry
  • Craig – Driver
  • Ronald – Process Worker
  • Peter – Process Worker
  • Rex – Farm Hand
  • Lisa – Retail

Commitment, persistence and a never say die attitude were the major contributing factors in the above securing employment.

Age is no barrier to employment

Regardless of your age, employment is achievable so talk to you Job Search Consultant about training and wage subsidies to ensure that you are maximising your potential employment opportunities.  


Campbell Page has commenced another Certificate III in Individual Support (Health Ageing and Community) locally to be completed in October 2018.