A second chance

A second chance

Recently, a Workskills client started work as a Kitchen Hand for a busy regional Hotel. While this is not an unusual event in and of itself, this particular jobseeker had a few obstacles to overcome before he could be given an opportunity to prove himself in the workplace.

After recently being released from a significant prison sentence, this jobseeker was considered at risk. Stable housing, parole requirements, Centrelink requirements and no work history for a significant period of time were all challenges our client faced upon his release. Our client did manage to secure accommodation, but it was in a regional centre where having no access to transport or a licence, which when combined with limited public transport options, made finding work difficult.

Over a six month period the Workskills team supported our client to secure his motorcycle licence and updated some industry licences and qualifications which opened up employment avenues and opportunities to work in new industries with the flexibility of not having to rely on public transport timetables.

Workskills Employer Services Officers approached a local employer and explained the circumstances that this client had faced and provided advocacy to give him a go with a work trial. The employer agreed and after 2 shifts decided to offer the jobseeker an ongoing job opportunity.

This is a fantastic achievement for our client and one that the whole Workskills team is immensely proud of.