A life-changing moment for Steve

Steve* recently secured ongoing employment with an automotive business in Hobart. Prior to his current employment, Steve was one of the more long-term job seekers registered with Workskills. Whilst Steve had been engaged in various forms of work over a period of time, it was never enough for him to have the ability to completely support himself and his family. Steve is the primary carer for his family and has been juggling casual/temporary employment with parenting commitments for the last 5-6 years.

Steve’s new employer had been in the market for a suitable candidate for approximately 8 months. Being a small family business, they were heavily invested in ensuring that they identified the right person for the position. The business had attempted to use other methods of recruitment through this period – but all to no avail. Workskills was approached to assist the business in sourcing a suitable candidate towards the end of 2016. An Employer Services Officer (ESO) from Workskills immediately engaged with the organisation to determine what exactly they were looking for.

The ESO has previously met with Steve prior to engaging with the business and immediately identified him as a potentially suitable fit. Whilst not having specific experience in the field of automotive, Steve had excellent characteristics relative to customer service and conceptually understood the role requirements. The ESO spoke of Steve’s personal credentials and that there could be an opportunity for Workskills to facilitate a National Work Experience Placement (NWEP) to determine whether he may be suited to the position – all at no cost to the employer. Specifically, the NWEP would allow the employer to view Steve undertaking the primary tasks associated the role prior to making a final decision regarding his employment.

The NWEP was a success and the business made Steve an offer of employment. The ESO then negotiated a wage subsidy agreement with the employer to assist in promoting the ongoing employment of Steve. Steve is now a permanent employee within the business, consistently working set hours each and every week. All being well, Steve will soon have the ability to be self-sufficient and support his family. This is a fantastic example of local employers utilising the suite of services that Workskills can offer in terms of finding the right fit for their business. For Steve, this was a life-changing moment and another example of Workskills “creating opportunities and making meaningful employment achievable”.

*Steve – not his real name.