Workskills Huonville help 62 Job Seekers find work since January!!

62 job seekers find work

The Huonville Site has been going gang busters!!!

After an advertising campaign through the local newspaper, Brooke and Danielle have caught the eye of the local employers and job seekers alike.

New opportunities have been flooding the site and the number of job seekers finding work has elevated significantly this year.

62 Job Seekers find work

Since January, 62 jobseekers have been put into work by Brooke and Danielle, which is more than a quarter of their entire caseload!!!

The employer services team, led by Matt, has been instrumental in supporting the Huonville team by creating local employment opportunities.

Just this last week, three disadvantaged youths have been given a start to undertake full time work in the local community.

Their story is not unique at the moment, it is an expectation for anyone who signs up with Workskills Huonville.