Post Placement Field Officer

Prime Functions

The Post Placement Field Officer is responsible for

  • Saving, at risk employment opportunities
  • Improving Job Seeker and Employer relations leading to 26 week outcomes
  • Negotiating alternative employment for lost employment opportunities
  • Ensuring 12 and 26 week outcomes for all high risk Job Seekers

This is a key role in ensuring positive employment outcomes for Workskills’ job seekers. The Post Placement Field Officer will have a caseload of job seekers across the organisation. Individuals will be identified by sites at key touch points throughout the job seekers employment journey. Caseloads will be made up of one, or a combination of the following

  1. High risk job seekers
  2. Long term unemployed job seekers
  3. Job seekers with an erratic or unstable work history
  4. Job seekers in employment who are or have struggled with non – vocational barriers

Post Placement Field Officer will make contact (either face to face, via email, phone or SMS) dependent on the needs of the job seeker as per negotiated plan.

The Post Placement Field Officer will utilise the Employment Fund throughout the job seekers 26 week monitoring period to ensure sustainable employment is maintained.

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