ParentsNext Mentor

Prime Functions

ParentsNext helps eligible parents to plan and prepare for employment by the time their children go to school. ParentsNext providers work with parents to help them set education and employment goals, develop a pathway to achieve their goals and link them to services and activities in the local community.

Reporting to the ParentsNext Manager, this role will be key in the engagement of parents to achieve positive outcomes and the implementation and delivery of services to clients in the Southern Region of Tasmania.

Key aspects of the ParentsNext Position Description

Engagement of participants

  • Ensure clients are engaged in ParentsNext for both the Intensive and Targeted Programs across the Brighton LGA and the region respectively
  • Ensuring all benchmarks as stated in the funding agreement and tender application are achieved, these consist of, but are not limited to:
    • Participation Plans
    • Engagement of clients
    • Negotiating and coordinating programs to assist with program aims
  • Using tools to assist clients achieve an appropriate development plan – Workstar
  • Using effective research/networking skills to identify training/development opportunities for clients


  • Support the ParentsNext Manager in the Development and ongoing management of:
    • Regional Parents Panel to guide the delivery of the program
    • Intensive program Panel in the Brighton LGA
    • A cultural Capability Reference group
  • Working with, and reporting to, the ParentsNext Manager


  • Assist the ParentsNext Manager in the implementation of ParentsNext across the region (Southern Tas)
  • Hands on operational involvement, whilst providing excellent management of the program
  • Work with the ParentsNext Manager to assist with delivery of the program
  • Work with the ParentsNext Manager to support all stakeholders that are involved in assisting with the program
  • Effectively managing revenue and expenses as per program tender under the guidance of the ParentsNext Manager
  • Promotion/marketing of ParentsNext


End result: An efficient and effective system to ensure easy retrieval of information

  • Maintain excellent job seeker and business records, with supporting documentation and audit trails
  • Respond promptly to all enquiries
  • Ensure security of confidential information and records
  • Carry out other duties which may be requested by management
  • Review and update plans as required

Networking, communications and marketing

End Result: Good relationships with all stakeholders

  • Liaise with providers of complementary programs
  • Develop and maintain positive links with internal business units, community, government departments, training organisations, community service providers and employers to assist job seekers to achieve positive outcomes
  • Promote employment services to employers and job seekers
  • Ensure that the public’s knowledge and understanding of Workskills is always enhanced, through all community and business activities that are undertaken

Compliance with Legislation, ParentsNext Deed and Workskills’ Policies and Procedures

End result: 100% compliance achieved.

  • Carry out all functions in compliance with the ParentsNext Deed
  • Ensure Workskills’ Policies and Procedures, EEO, Affirmative Action, Anti-discrimination and WHS legislation are implemented, and records are stored in compliance with the Employment Services Records Rules and the Archive and Privacy Acts
  • Ensure that all funding body policies, procedures, guidelines and contractual obligations, including compliance with the Code of Practice and Service Guarantees, are carried out and are operating satisfactorily
  • Ensure confidentiality in all areas of the business
  • Remain aware of, and up to date with, legislative changes and developments
  • Participate in regular audits and other quality assurance processes to ensure adherence to all contractual and legislative requirements

Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement

End result: 100% compliance achieved (QA Framework)

  • Comply with all aspects of Workskills Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement Framework
  • Follow policies and procedures within the QA Framework

Contribute to the on-going accreditation of Workskills Quality Assurance System through training and audit processes

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Applications can be e-mailed to hr@workskills.org.au