Internal Mentoring Program continues to deliver

Internal Mentoring Program continues to deliver

As another financial year whips by, so too does the progress of our internal Mentoring Program.

This year we have 10 staff involved in the program with initial induction meetings completed and all sessions either commenced or locked into diaries. The benefits of the mentoring program are vast, not just for mentees, but for mentors as well. It enables both parties to better understand the role that the other has and how that contributes to the overall success of the organisation.

The mentoring program over recent years has seen staff develop into new roles, better understand their current role and ensures we do all that we can to future proof the organisation. Our Ground Up Program continues to gain momentum with many of our Ground Up participants now in fully fledged roles as Support Centre Officers and Job Search Consultants. Ground Up prepares our Trainees for what lies ahead and offers them the opportunity to get a ‘taste’ of what various roles across the organisation have to offer.

Knowledge management, future proofing and succession planning are key areas for Human resource development as it protects our most important commodity and that of course, is our people.