Breakthrough Program with Anglicare

Breakthrough Program with Anglicare

Rosny site are very fortunate to be working collaboratively with Anglicare on a 12 month project for which they have received funding from DHHS Tas.

The project has been named Breakthrough as the main focus of the project is to provide support to our clients around financial issues that are preventing them from joining the workforce or that may impact their ability to maintain new employment.

Tanya Bromfield from Anglicare is now working on site at Rosny 2-3 days per week and we are referring our jobseekers to her for additional support around such issues as financial literacy and seeking assistance with homelessness. Many of our clients are facing multiple barriers to entering the workforce and because Anglicare offer a range of services, Tanya is able to offer referrals to specific services also. One of the biggest barriers to securing employment for many of our jobseekers is the lack of a drivers licence so an example of the progress being made through this initiative is the assistance Tanya has been able to provide clients with setting up payment plans with MPES so that our clients can get their licences reinstated.

Feedback from all of the participants we have referred to date has been very positive. The project is off to a great start and I’m sure I will be able to report some great outcomes.