Linking Southern Tasmanians to Sustainable and Meaningful Employment

Workskills is a leading not-for-profit community based employment services provider. Since 1983 we have offered support, employment and training solutions to

jobseekers, employers, industry and the community in Southern Tasmania.

We assist local Centrelink-referred Job Seekers to find meaningful and sustainable employment.

We work with employers to find suitable candidates for vacancies that may arise within their businesses.

We also work with a number of charity and community organisations to assist our Job Seekers in their search to find work and acquire skills and knowledge to improve their employment prospects.

Jobseeker Tip of the Month

Building your personal brand.

No matter who we are or where we come from, what experience, training or background we’ve had, we all project an individual persona, or brand.

What’s yours like?  Is it the kind of ‘brand’ that will attract a potential employer?

Think about building, or enhancing, your unique personal brand. You could attract potential employers to you rather than reaching out to them. You can do this through social media, a blog or website, the way you form and put together your covering letters (they should always be considered separately for your audience)and your resume as well.

Do your applications, cover letters, CV etc. truly reflect you and your personality? How do you present yourself on social media? Do you come across professionally and consistently?

Check the Workskills Fact Sheets for more ideas and information to help you get a competitive edge in your job search.

Job Seeker Fact Sheet – Monthly Highlight

Covering Letters

This month, check out those all important hints and tips for writing a cover letter (PDF).

Kathy Cripps, Children's Service Manager, Lady Gowrie

Lady Gowrie

“I will and have asked for recruitment services again, as I wish to utilise this easy and free service.”

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