Assisting Southern Tasmanians to Gain Sustainable and Meaningful Employment

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Workskills is a leading not-for-profit community based employment services provider. Since 1983 we have offered support, employment and training solutions to jobseekers, employers, industry and the community in Southern Tasmania.

We assist local Centrelink-referred job seekers to find meaningful and sustainable employment.

We work with employers to find suitable candidates for vacancies that may arise within their businesses.

We also work with a number of charity and community organisations to assist our job seekers in their search to find work and acquire skills and knowledge to improve their employment prospects.

Job seeker Tip of the Month

Making Good First Impressions in Job Interviews

A job interview is most often the first time you see your prospective employer.  It’s thus essential to let them know why you’re the best candidate for the job from the very beginning.

Try to arrive about 10 or 15 minutes early so you have time to find the location, perhaps with a  stop at a public convenience to make sure your appearance is spot-on.

Always be polite to reception and other staff, as the impression you make with them will often be considered as well.

Dressing appropriately for the job on offer is essential.  And never arrive with any food in your mouth or on your teeth, and don’t smoke right  before the interview.

Turn off your phone before you arrive.  Smile and  make strong eye contact – it’s always a good impression.

Answer interview questions with considered ease (showing your interview preparation) and make sure you ask some questions as well.

Say thank you at the end, shaking hands and letting them know you’re keen to hear how it all went.  Maybe ask when it’s likely they’ll next be in touch.

Check the Workskills Fact Sheets for more ideas and information to help you get a competitive edge in your job search.

Job Seeker Fact Sheet – Monthly Highlight

Putting a Resume Together

This month, check out those all important hints and tips for putting a concise, relevant and up-to-date resume together (PDF).

Kathy Cripps, Children's Service Manager, Lady Gowrie

Lady Gowrie

“I will and have asked for recruitment services again, as I wish to utilise this easy and free service.”

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David's Story

A life on the ocean wave! Sounds good doesn’t it?
A romantic notion for many but for David it was a life he’d taken on almost by accident at the tender age of 13. And in all the years since then he’d been happily working as a fisherman and deckhand out of the Hobart docks.
However when circumstances changed for David, his seafaring life would become a real blocker to finding work on dry land.

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